One Miss

Two miss
Dead miss
True miss
They will seem sad
But most will turn glad
You may not see it
For this is true
While you are so sad and blue
You just might not find these things funny,
But these funny things will find you.
This is because
“From there to here
From here to there
Funny things are everywhere”
We must chose to embrace
These funny things
Rather than sadness
For that is not safe.
Without a doubt
You’ll miss and miss
You’ll shout and shout
and feel dismissed.
But all this means
You’ll learn and grow
All this means
You’ll be bigger than ever before
All this means
You’ll have the most to show
And all this means
You’ll be greater forevermore.
So find what makes
You laugh your hardest.
Find something that breaks
The feeling of never getting your farthest.
Laugh until you can’t anymore,
And more more miss won’t seem like such a war.


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