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By Chonise Thomas
If you’d just stop for a minute
If you’d just stop and lift your head
If you just waited for one second
You’d see that I’m not dead.

You’d see that I’ve always been there,
That I’ve been there since before day one.
You’d see that I’ve loved you
Before your dear life had even begun.

If you’d just stop for just one minute
If you’d just stop and lift your eyes
If you just waited for the storm to clear
You’d realize that my presence isn’t a surprise.

You’d realize that I’ve shared your hurts, your deep thoughts, your pain,
That I was there when your heart was broken, when you thought you’d go insane.
You’d realize that I was there when no one else was, when you felt so alone, when you were scared
When you cried yourself to sleep at night, when you felt like no one cared.

If you’d just stop for just one minute
If you’d just stop and look around
If you just waited for the wind to subside
You’d realize that I’ve kept your feet on the ground.

You’d realize that when your world got turned upside down, when you felt like you wouldn’t make it
That you actually did, that you survived and you live to tell it.
You’d realize that as much as it hurt, as much as it made you cry,
As much as you wanted it to go away, to forget or else you’d die,
It’s a part of you, a part of your being but you’re still here--that you can’t deny.

If you’d just stop for just one minute
If you’d just stop and take a good look at yourself
If you just waited for your vision to clear
You’d realize that I didn’t leave you, I’m here, that I didn’t leave your heart on a shelf.

Don’t you realize I made you?
That I know every cell in your body, every hair on your head?
Don’t you realize I made you?
Have you listened to anything I’ve said?

I am the one true God. Alpha and Omega. El-Shaddai. Elohim.
I am the Creator, I made you and every big and little thing.
I make the sun rise, the moon glow,
the planets spin and the wind blow.

I am the Ultimate Father, whether your earthly one was present or not.
I love you so fiercely that with an unfathomable price you’ve been bought.

I killed my only son for You, my flesh and blood, my being,
I sacrificed him for you, to give you a chance to be with me—that’s something we’ve been dreaming.

He endured my wrath for you, for I am holy, without spot or wrinkle
I am cleaner than anything you could possibly ever make twinkle.

I am too great to touch on your own, too big to see with your own eyes or fathom with your own mind,
So I had to send my Son, had to create a pathway so that to you, myself I could bind.

I am God. I am forever, my love cannot be separated from you.
Don’t you see? There’s nothing that can keep me from you.

So if you’d just stop for just one minute.
If you’d stop and think about your life.
If you waited for your thoughts to settle,
You’d realize that without me, you cannot survive.

So just stop for just one minute.
Stop and think about what I’ve done for you.
Just wait for your heart to quicken,
To feel the love I have for you.

Just wait to feel the burden, the guilt of all your sin,
Remember the times you’ve ignored me, cursed me, and threw my heart in the lion’s den.

Now stop for just one minute
Remember sin has a price, it’s death, it’s wrath, it’s eternal separation from me
Now remember what Jesus did—that wasn’t possible without our love, don’t you see?
What did you do to earn that? Nothing, there’s nothing you could’ve done.
You can try if you want, but to me, there’s nothing new under the sun.

All I want is this, something simple, but can get complicated some would say
I want your love, your heart, your soul to follow me with every passing day.
Everything branches out of love, the start and finish of it all,
After you take your last breath, after you hear the final trumpet call.

Just stop for just one minute
Just stop, look up and smile
Just wait to feel my presence
My spirit that’s with you through every trial.

Turn around and run to me, let me hold you in my arms
I guarantee if you’ll let me, it’ll be infinitely better than anyone’s charms.

So stop for just one minute
Stop every day, and say I love you from your very core
Just wait to feel my beautiful peace
And my voice say I love you more.


Chonise Thomas

This poem is a message from God to whomever reads this poem. It's about taking the time to stop and think, listen and realize the love that God has for His children. It's a reminder that you're never alone, that God is always near, always caring, always knowing. In this poem, I take on the voice of God speaking to the public, to all of us who ignore Him or don't pay much attention--Christian and non-Christian alike. It's a poem to get your attention, to get you thinking. This poem comes from this question that I've pondered: If God were a human man and could stand in front of the world and speak, what would he say?

Clio Texana

Beautiful -- it's like a modern psalm.

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