One in a Million

A smile, a kiss, a hug, a nonverbal mode of communication that is gently expressed towards another person.


A sweet and endearing notion of showing that other person that you are aware and appreciative of their presence.


A notion that is accompanied by a warmth that quickly consumes the entirety of your body before making you aware of the goofy smile on your face or that special little twinkle in your eye, accompanied by that feeling of either butterflies gently fluttering in your stomach, or a soft cloak engulfing your heart in a snug and comforting embrace.


Knowing that despite the disagreements and lovers quarrels, that person is always there to hold you and support you, always there ready to love you and remind you of that fact whenever needed, always ready to help you become your best self and to grow as they accompany you on a journey through a period of your life without the worrying thought of time.


A heart clutching notion of comfort and safety.


A heart clutching notion of being okay with the perfect imperfectness that is what being with that person is and what they are.


A heart clutching moment of realization that this is what a loving and healthy relationship is.


A selfless and safe space of comfort that just so happens to be in the space that makes up the entirety of that other person.


A realization that this is what love is.


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