The One for Me

He's the Yin to my Yang,
there's no other for me.
He's constantly on my mind,
despite being overseas.

We're so different but the same;
it's so scary, but true.
We're like each other's reflection--
somebody we can see through...

I can tell how he feels;
I can tell when he lies.
He can tell when I'm lonely;
He can tell when there're blue skies.

He often tells me he loves me,
but I'm reluctant to do the same.
I prefer to show him how much I do,
because those words have ill fame.

I know, we're skeptical people,
but here's the big truth...
"I love you Baby, you're everything--
you're the fountain to my youth!"

When we talk, you make me smile.
It's unbelievable how you
can make me feel.
It's like I'm on top of the world--
a little crazy and completely surreal.

I love the feeling you give me,
nothing will ever compare.
You're the blessing I wanted--
You're the answer to my prayer.

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