One Chance

I walk down the hallway and see you standing there. 
You cant even meet my eyes, afraid of my stare. 
Do you not get how it hurts me? 
Do you not get that this doesn't make you cool? 
Watching my friend take away years of his life, with nothing I can do? 
You think I will forget this? Everythings alright? 
No, it haunts my memories my dreams at night. 
You say nothing will happen, you say everythings fine 
But you not just hurting your life, you also hurting mine. 
But yet I cant do anything because its not my choice. 
So Ill say all I can, Im only one voice. 
Take care of what your given, you only have one life. 
One chance to live your dreams, to get everything right.

-Kylee Ray


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