One and Only

One and Only,

I am truly yours,

But, promise me something?

And not just a regular promise,

A pinky promise,

And not just any old pinky promise,

A REAL pinky promise,

One where you kiss the spiral,

The one made by your fist,

Yes, the one right there,

Then you stick your pinky out,

And wrap it tightly around mine.


Swear to me something?

And not just a regular swear,

One where you swear it,

Then cross your heart,

Cross it and keep it there,

Engraved in your heart,

and always remember. 


Pledge to me,

And not just a simple pledge,

A complicated one,

Full of aspirations and dreams,

That will all come true,

and we'll end with our happily ever after,


Make a commitment to me?

And not just any old commitment,

A real one,

And not just a real one,

But one that lasts forever.


A commitment where you get down on one knee,

And show me a ring,

And make me a REAL pinky promise,

And swear to it while crossing your racing heart,

And pledge of a life together

that will be our once upon a time,


Vow to be with me,

And wrap your arms around me,

And always remember,

And keep your promises my love,

Because YOU are MY One and Only,

And I am truly yours. 



Gahhh I love this. Keep writing.


thank you! 

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