Once upon a time in the mines

Thu, 08/10/2017 - 15:35 -- IB


United States

Once Upon A Time

It was just me and my six brothers.

We had jobs before any of us learned how to read or write.

We were slaves in the mine

finding rubies, emeralds, diamonds. You name it, we dug it up.

We never got to keep any of it.

Our advisors told us we were lucky to have a roof over our heads and food to eat.

We learned not to ask for much else after that.

We became old men in thst mine.

 All the best years of our lives were gone, the mine had taken them.

We still dug through the mines to pass the time away, we sang songs to keep our spirits up.

One night, we stayed at the mine abnormally late.

We had to get homw since we were all tired from the back-breaking work of the day.

When we came home, everything was mysteriously cleaner than it was before.

Dinner was even waiting for us.

Who could've cooked for us?

We heard a noise coming from our rooms.

Could the person still be in the house?

My brothers and I sought to find out.

 To our surprise it was a beautiful young woman who had lost her way and needed

a place to stay.

Of course we let her, we were too enchanted by her beauty to say no.

She lived with us, cooked with us and cleaned with us.

We couldn't ask for anything more.

She was so kind to us, she even made Grumpy blush.

We know we can never truly repay her for her kindness,

but the least we can do is try.


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