once upon a time in the bronx


United States
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once upon a time in the bronx, there was a little boy name sam
the reason he know his name is because he refers himself as sam i am
as a little boy, he dreamed of aspiring to be a cop
every time he sees the bad guys, in his mind, he wants to tell them to stop
he watches all the cop shows, he sees the guns, badges, uniforms, attitudes, the whole nine yards
yards so long that referees don't know how to call this type of penalty
as time went on, Sam "i am" becomes a teenager that goes to high school that specialized in law enforcement
Sam "i am" loves going to school, although his classes were in the basement
none the less, it didn't stop him from educating until one night
the night that was so profoundly tragic, he did not wake to see the light
Sam went to buy a juice at the bodega (many bodegas within 3 block radius)
on this particular night, Sam went to buy juice and then headed home
he was looking forward to his dad, his mentor
on his way home, Sam heard a siren louder than the attacks at the world trade center
it was a cop car that pulled up in front of him
it was a Latino officer that asked for is i.d
Sam asked why
Latino officer stated someone supposedly stole an iPhone
as Sam went into his pocket to show his i.d.
cop shot Sam multiple times so ferociously it appear that he was having a seizure
Sam drop to the ground in slow motion like a knockout blow from Mike Tyson
the cop ran into the car and drove off while Sam is lying in a pool of blood
the investigation took place at the crime scene hours later
Father ran downstairs after shots went off and saw his son lifeless like a convict heading for the chair
Father's emotions ran more wilder than hulkamania that he dropped dead worse than a diva
turns out that the cop was a Latino and he shot one of his own
Sam's dream was shattered not by a big pun record, but by police brutality
it goes to show what happens when one have ignorant mentality
it is no longer a race issue. it's simply about a violation to his human right
this is why we need to stand up to injustice with passion and fight

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