Once Upon a Time...


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United States
25° 53' 27.4668" N, 80° 10' 54.9372" W

Once upon a time I knew

It was obivous clear, perfectly understandable

I knew so strongly that it was all I could see

It was the only option

Then  I suddenly didn't

I had been cut, split open and the knowlegde escaped

It flew as if never belonged inside of me in the first place

As if it had been a prisoner inside my soul

Then I was empty

Empty and afraid I had lost my Happily Ever After

But is wasn't mine

It was the map, the brainwashed plan that "knowlegde" had created for me

The reason that I had waited until each and every one of my dreams turned around

So that I could cowardly shoot them with their backs turn, just like I was instructed

Happily Ever After a puppet on a string to the "knowlege" that was all I ever knew

What can a puppet do without someone holding the strings


As a puppet going although with the jerks and tugs

Doing everything that a puppet can't resist

 Being empty, completely empty and devoid of meaning

But even a puppet, a blank and hollow shaddow of a person can be brought back to life

Reminded that they have the right and the power to fight

So despite the fear of laying limp on the ground forever

I cut down the strings

If it meant I never did anything again it was worth it because no one, no one could control me

But life did stop

I could move 

I could breathe

I could escape the concept of what everyone planned out to be my Happily Ever After

To be empowered, unquie, stubborn, angery, heroic, loud, certain, independant, and real

To be right belonged to me now

And not only to be right but to do right

To become part of a force that means freedom for everyone who finds it

Freedom to have your own conscience and write your own rules

Freedom to be compassionite, ambitious, successful, to be yourself

Now I don't seek for endings in Happily Ever After

I want my own ending 

I'll get my own ending

One that is complicated and confusing at times frustrating and difficult

An ending that is alive and powerful and can not be ignored or summed up in three simple words

Three words that imply there can be no more

For what more can there be if it is nothing but happy

To be forever happy would mean nothing 

What can happy mean if not for bitter tears and sleeples nights

Uncertainty, trial, and struggle

Three words that say your story has nothing more to give

I want an ending that grows and continues long after the story is over

An ending that is indeed not really the end

An ending that I create for myself

filled with true knowlege 

Knowlege which doesn't not put you in a cage

But frees you from every type of imprissonment

And knowlege which ensures that your unique individual story has importances

Importance to all that have their own stories to write


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