Once Upon a Time

Mon, 10/28/2019 - 16:49 -- dowxbeg

Once upon a time

There was a girl and

When left alone in her head

She found a knife.


Once upon a time

a girl with a knife cut

patterns into her arms

Because as the blood ran

The pain in her head lessened.


Once upon a time

A girl with bleeding arms

Wrapped bandages around them

On the floor in the dark

So she didn't bother anyone else because 

why should they care?


It was long sleeves and concealer

because she did it for her.

It was a warped, twisted version of therapy

that she carved into her own skin.


Because once upon a time

There was a girl that

Didn't know the value of her own life

And quite frankly

she didn't even care.


She wandered off into the dark one night

because she was so far into her own head

that the fog felt like a hug

and the trees looked like friends

and she was so deep into the woods

before she looked back and

got scared.


That's it.


No one knows the ending 

No one knows what happened to her.

Legend says she's still somewhere


Legend says she's still out there.

Waiting for the fog to clear so

she can come back home. 




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