Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time,

a young lady ran away from the ball.

Due to stereotype,

Cinderella immediately comes to your mind.

The difference is Cinderella's prince searched for her,

the young lady's prince did not.

She lived her life waiting for her prince to come

but he never did.

She waited for her fairy tale,

but it never came.

Hope eventually fading to nothing,

she settled into a life with a wealthy man who had been attracted to her beauty.

There was no love in her marriage,

resulting in unhappiness.

Until her life was changed by the birth of a beautiful daughter.

Her daughter grew up with a passion to please everyone,

most especially her parents.

The problem was that her parents both wanting completely different things for her.

As the daughter became older,

she became more wise, beautiful, and hard-working.

Conflicted by her parents expectation of a marriage,

she threw herself into a disconcerting situation.

She found a man to please her father,

a man with immense wealth and status.

She also found a man to please her mother,

a man without wealth but loved her for her intelligence and wit.

As she began to acquaint herself with both men,

she found herself falling in love as well as falling in love with the idea of money.

As her decision was winding down,

she decided she did not want to get married.

Although she had always lived her life to please her parents,

she discovered that the only person she needed to please was herself.





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