Once upon a stream...


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growing up as a cub all alone in the streams,without parents life is tough brother take it from me papa bear was shot in a hunters delight moma took the blame even though it aint right 5 cubs all alone to fend for themselves the cave not a home became more like a hell seperation ran its course like fishes in a stream another family divided torn apart at the seams gone to be raised by wolves in a pack lost in the daze my identity cracked not as bad as it seems they raised me their best teaching me their ways and putting me up to the test as a young bear i could maul and tear things apart a destructive force of nature with no love in my heart except for my pack all my teachers in life taught a self seeking path as "all that was right" i learned to look out for those who looked out for me you "scratch my back" and "i got yours" you see? til one of these days in the prayer of my heart God sent me a rose while i was still in the dark me aggressively raised still she caught me off guard soaking in the rays of Heavens own Heart such a beautiful sight my eyes have never seen before or ever since just like once in a dream such a sweet smelling father the fragrance of love subdued me with power in truth from above tried as i might my darkness became the only wedge between us and tomorrow's new day my claws pierced her heart as i held her too tight trying never to lose such a brightly shining light because of the wounds she pushed me on a way and i broke down from the inside as i fell further away lost once again in the deep darkest woods in the depths of my sin i heard the dancing of his hooves the angel of light had deceived once again as i fell to my knees with no help from within came along on the path a couple ancient bears wise as they took me in their hearts starting to open up my eyes all the pains in my life and the wolves i had heard was slowly coming out in the flow of His Word. through mountainous craggs and the valleys of life He exchanged my filthy raggs for a fur made of Light. eating the honey of His Word. truely fed me indeed no more selfish pursuits His Blood was changing me. til 3 years down the road He said "Look and See" "Now you are who you are you were created for ME." i traded all my ways and my selfish desires for a consecrated heart forever in His fire no longer a monster embracing the night i was baptized in the truth of the Rivers of Life. i a new creation still a Bear from the start Now in possesion of He who holds my Heart daily to the altar i bring myself to you Lord have your way as i say "I Do." there once was a bear as confused as can be who thought he was a wlof to his own tragedy He died to that lie Oh once and for all now he stands like his Father a true Brother to all not perfectly perfected but imperfectly a son of the Lord as all can now see i wait for the day that my Lord will say "Rise." and i walk down that ailse with tears in my eyes patiently enduring all the afflictions of love with a promise in my pocket and a Rose from above Soon this will come to be as life gets better with age a ring on my finger and a Rose Bush my cage with our eyes on the Lord and His Words in our mouth we'll call to the prisoners in Jesus name COME OUT!!

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