Once Upon a Name

Your name was once an omen
A sacred prayer sent up to heaven
That set the sky ablaze
In your luminescent glory

A jewel glistening under words stained black
That sent shivers down my spine
And rolled off my tongue with pride

You were purer than snow
And I was your hunter

Then the day struck night
In steel, iced destruction
Towers crumbled and danced with the ashes

As flames of azure infected white eyes
Becoming engulfed by the screaming nature
Of darkened, silence

In rubble torn ruins
The name croaks out of my throat
Dry, brittle, and lowly to the core
Heat rages inside my dead heart

For you were not mine anymore

Yet, drifting in smoke hazed air
Invisible flakes kiss my hollow cheeks
And though you are gone ten light years away

The memory of you
Is here to stay


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