Once Upon an Ending

Once upon an Ending the Earth fell on my shoulders

as if I was Atlas carrying the whole world

The sky shattered like glass on to my skin

making scars deeper than they have been


I question why things had to be this way

why I cleaned every single day

why I couldn't escape from the torture that my stepsisters gave me

Why fate kept me locked behind bars


Once upon an ending

People said things will get better

but truth is I found out that there will be no fairy godmothers to get you to the ball

no magic lamps that can grant all wishes

no power wands that can destroy the pain

I had to do things my way


Two days and three nights

to prepare for the greatest fright that my sisters would get

Calling all the birds and mice

to make me a dress that would make me look the best

at the one ball that could change all


Once upon an ending

the party was just getting started

with a stab in each sisters' heart

Leaving the final mark on my step mothers chest

A mark that avenged my parent's death


Once upon an ending

Freedom began to sing

Make way for the new queen

For the prince would be my next victim










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