Once I Am Gone


Once I am gone:

Will there stay a blue sky,

As it was everyday?

Will the sun rise and fall?

Will the people live without me?

Will there ever be someone as right,

As purposeful as me?

A creation that is I.

Once I am gone,

So says another,

Can you sleep without fear?

Can you age without a thought?

With me gone,

The world, per se,

Will mourn and remember the uniqueness of me in many ways.

And through the years will I go unforgotten?

Or will I be dismissed as though rotten?

Will you remember my joys and hates?

Or the times we shared?

Will I be remembered,

Not just by my name,

But by myself,

The girl I choose to be,

The girl that wants to be me?

So I ask you this:

Will you, my friend,

Remember me,

Should I die before you?

For me that need be my only parting gift,

My knowing that you will

Remember me for me,

Once I am gone.


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