The Once Fragile

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 12:45 -- Chi-chi

The wails of the damned cry out

Drowning the fragile, the unspoken

Bloodcurdling screeches echo throughout

A symphony conducted by commotion

Stealing the voice of the broken, a voice of doubt


A shattered being laden with a heavy heart

Suppressing hushed songs that are not to be vocal

A mere hum, until the roars of retribution are to start

Bursting with vindication, if not a bit cynical

The screams of the atypical continue on, tearing the silence apart


The once fragile is no longer unspoken

Conducting a symphony of anything but commotion

Shattered pieces being patched back together, laden with a heavy heart

Roars of retaliation start and start and start

The screams tearing the past silence completely apart


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