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The wails of the damned cry out Drowning the fragile, the unspoken Bloodcurdling screeches echo throughout A symphony conducted by commotion Stealing the voice of the broken, a voice of doubt  
If the streets could scream we would hear them say Our history bleeds and reveals the world at play The little children running in fear With adults yelling in their ears "You were born the wicked race"
Earth, created by  heaven
The dark and lonely atmosphere filled the air
3 years old and father is ill. Ill. I'll see him quench his obsessions, filling his demons with the drink of death. They burn his insides, destroying our home, while he sits calmly releasing his bitter smoke.
Gallows Gallows are all I see People dangling-Dangling from hangingsGallows are all I see People dying,People crying-for their mothers, their fathers, for their country,Gallows are all I see 
Screams shout from the soul. Dark demons fill the air. A hundred pieces of broken glass to walk upon. No where to go, lost, trapped. Stuck at the bottom, no way out. Help! No one hears, no one cares. The light is ever fading.
Drowning in black. Pulling me back is the red The rage that brings around my head The blood to bring about the blue flood, Not of tears, but of a flimsy handle on my fears
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