"Once is all it takes"


Pushed down.                           Rises shakily.

Books fall.                                   Continues home.

Boys laugh.                                Tears fall.

Girls giggle.                               Tells himself,

School starts.                           "School sucks". 

Class begins.            

Work is given.                             Enters home.

Classmates tease;                   Pasts mother.

Boy cringes.                                Not a word.

Things thrown.                           Enters garage.

Boy flinches.                              Beside deer-head.

Girls point.                                 Finds rifle.

Jaw clinches.                            Points upward.

Saddly thinks,                           Closes eyes.

"Why me?"                                He's had enough.


School ends.                          Was only thirteen.

Walks home.

Boys follow.

He ignores.

Boys gather.

Walks faster.

Too late.

Punches come.

Kicks bruise.

Boys leave.

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