Once Again

How much longer till you respond back

How much longer till I have you back in my arms

The silent room and my cold body 

Sit quietly awaiting your arrival back home

Just that one more hour till she responds back

NO Worrying or crying

Just be patient

She will come back when she has the time

And as I sit and wait

The room keeps getting darker and I keep getting colder

How much longer till she returns

Is she okay?

I ask myself

As my thoughts drift off into my darkest fears

How much longer can I wait 

Till I break

But your loving smile in the pictures

Brings me happiness

And helps me trudge on

As I wait to that text saying


And as my fears and worries drift off

Im calm knowing that one day

I will have you in my arms again

And though its hard to not worry about you

I do my best in hoping I can learn 

To trust you more

And though I know you will be safe

I will always worry

Because I care about you

How could I forget your face

I cant forget how you make me feel

And the love I have for you

For I want you as mine

Thats all I could ever dream for 

And so I stand strong and not give up

For I know that if I count down the days

You will eventually return into my arms

So that I may feel your warmth

Once again

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