The Olympians

The team floats into the back of gym, passing the torches that burn with a bright red flame,

lyres and violis sing harmoniously, signaling the start of the ballgame. 

The announcer asks for a drumroll and begins calling out the Starting Five,

and finally.. the once inactive crowd, now comes alive.


"Our first player from the Lightnings leaves every opponent in wonder,

he's the team captain, the alpha, the legendary.. MR. THUNDER!!"

The crowd roars with delight, filling the air with ahh's and ooh's,

for standing directly in the middle of the court, was the almighty Zeus.

"Next in command is the famed queen of the team because everyone fears her,

the omega, the lady with the babies, that is also known to leave the other teams crouched in terror.. give it up for MS. HERA!"

The crowd stayed silent as the small built woman waddled onto the floor,

but all it took was one icy glance, and the crowd cheered with hoots galore.

Strolling onto the floor without being announced, the next player grinned diabolically,

his hair danced on his head and the crowd froze, at which he began laughing maniacally.

The announcer, unsure of what to say since the guy was not apart of the team, could not describe him with anything,

so he called him the first thing that came to mind.. "ladies and gentlemen, THE UNDERWORLD KING!"

The previous cheers turned to boo's, the crowd could not have been more shady,

but glowing before their very eyes, was the unworldly Hades.

The announcer silenced the crowd, ready to announce a player who was actually on his list,

and he started.. "Next up is the most angelic woman you have ever laid eyes on, the figure of beauty and love almighty,

the dark, tall, and curvy.. MS. APHRODITE!"

The crowd went ballistic but eventually died down as things became clearer,

The beautiful Aphrodite was still sitting in the back, looking at her reflection in the mirror.

The announcer began to grow tired of the Lightnings, and was ready to go,

but then he remembered his favorite player still had to be announced to this spectacular show,

"Last but not least is the man who puts the game into motion, he rocks the boat and definitely is not afraid to get wavy,

the one who keeps this team from dividing, give it up for my main man.. THE GREAT POSEIDON!"

The five were all finally introduced and the crowd began to roar again (ah-gAne),

as the announcer sat back ready to be entertained.



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