The Old Man and I: Not So Different

Dear Mr. Hemingway... An old man with one dream resides near beautiful Havana,Along with young Manolin.Other fishermen think he has gone bananas,But that’s how this story will begin. An old man with one dream hasn’t caught a fish in weeks,But he values precision over success.His years give him useful techniques,But leave him wan and with stress. An old man with one dream, that’s who he isAs he follows a marlin across the sea.His only friends are the fish,Who stare back blankly. An old man with one dream fights with the marlin in the sea.He struggles with old age and physicality.But with guarantee,This fight is within he. An old man with one dream is fatigued and cramped,But he procures hope through memories.He harpoons the fish on the third day in which he is encamped;However, it is destroyed by vicious entities. An old man with one dream fights sharks one by one:Stabbing one here and harpooning another there.He fights restlessly until there are none,But soon realizes his fish is bare. The old man with one dream returns sadly homeWith no fish, no harpoon, just marlin bone.Never alone again will the old man be,For the boy will rejoin him out on the sea. The old man with one dream dreams of the lions.His youth is restored and his hands remade of irons. The old man with one dream is defeated, that which he knows.But he is not destroyed, for he endured all the blows. The old man with one dream represents you and me.And all the rest of humanity. Sincerely, A young girl with one dream. 


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My community
Our world
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