This old dirt road

  Teary eyed and  wandering  down  some  old  dirt road  
a million  thoughts  run through my head, an awful heavy load  

no destination  in my mind, just  thinking  of  the  past
I see  the  sunset  fade away, the  days go by  so  fast 
The cool breeze  blows against  my face, my tears fall to the ground

so quiet  in this far off  place, my thoughts the only sound

However  did  things  get  this  way when  all I've done is try?

My life  it seems  is so unfair, not  understanding  why
This old dirt road I wander on, I've been  on  several  times  

familiar  in so many  ways, i walk between  the  lines 
subtle  changes  here and  there, but basically  the  same  
revisited so many times, I have  to  be  to blame  

what  could  it be  that  I have  done, what and where  and when ?

i try each  time to save myself, yet here i am again

a lesson  that  I  should  have  learned, yet still  I fail to see  

a road I'll  always  wander on until  life changes  me
I hope that  soon I'll  figure  out  what  things  I have  done  wrong  

until that day, along this  road, I guess  I'll  wander on......

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