There is a time when morning, afternoon, evening, and night all blur together into what feels like a short six hours.

It is when hours feel like munutes and years feel only as long as a few months.

This time is when wishes fade into old thoughts and wants are left behind for needs.

The list of things to do gets too long and you let things slip by.

There is never enough time to get a full nights rest.

Imagination, excitement, and fairytales lose their butterfly effect on your stomach.

You now have fear of being safe and the instics of logical thinking kick in.

You want to better yourself and guilt sets in too easily.

Comparisons are too often made and identity is questioned.

Days blur together.

Innocence is lost.

Unwise decisions are constantly made, but now they actually matter.

Wisdom is constantly growing.

Trust in others fades and tall, brick walls are built around your heart.

The world makes you cold all while you become more sensitive.

It's scary getting old.

I never want to grow up, but I am forced to.


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