OK 1 Time

My arms extended out, desperately in attempts to assist.
The youth, the younger, the new and miss guided.
Oh no, from the tree they fall. Free falling, free but falling. Into a state of confusion, disorientation.
Too fast, the decision. Too difficult, the choices.
Fear arises, so unfamiliar the way I feel. I blink once.
As if I’m staring into a mirror I see my self.
Reflecting on my actions, the me of yesterday.
No longer in this place, lost out off my mind, out of my body.
Experiencing, seeing my body hurdling to the ground.
It instantly stops. Is it over, am I saved.
No merely suspended, exposed.
Like a child supported in the teeth of a deer caught in the headlights.
Fate is inevitable, Fate is truth.
Adrenaline peaks, fight or flight.
As we see I cannot fly, I cannot run, cannot flee.
No longer able to seek comfort in familiar place.
As, it’s out of my reach.
I am trapped in this mirror no longer in control?
Awaiting the impact, the lights draw closer.
Let me free let me go.
Harder we fight, survivals our pure intention.
I have been released from the mirror, no longer suspended, returned to my body.
Blink twice, the wind, it’s too much. Once again I’m free, but falling faster more aggressive then before.
I must fly I must return home.
I must not fight any longer, I must not fight fate, and fate is truth.
Still alone cries for help storm across the land.
From were. From I, the me of today. No longer the me of yesterday.
This change carried buy acceptance.
Of fate, of truth.
Fear has vacated my body. I am so much lighter.
Much more agile. From the tree we fell in fear.
But brave as the eagle that birthed us, and so many more. This fall has transitioned to a glide, from a somber glide to
Not to the place of comfort or familiarity.
Not returning back to the me, us or we, or yesterday.
But to our fate, Truth.


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