Ojos del Mar

Look and notice

In a Mirror

Two stare back

Their placement becomes clearer

looking to the front

and never behind

because that would be

a squalor of time.

But yours, in particular,

show the greatest emotions

tales of your

life, love and devotion.


in the right corner

of your left eye

there's an orangle speckle

a beacon of fire

and secret compassion,

two fires,

one people, 

continuous clashing.

But the Blue!

The small little freckle

is overcome by a sea.

A sea of 



and immaculate brigades.

The bluest of blues

and the bluest of hues.

'Tis a birthright of you

and a present for me.

As mine wander in yours


keep in mind,

that a few who wander

have something

to find.


When your temper rises with the tides

they flash to a midnight oean

drowning, struggling,

the mix of a liquid black potion.

Escalades of waves 

wash the sand 

of filfth.

Filfth of preluding thoughts

that insist to cover every grain.

Watching others drown 

an inescapable death,

no need for lifejacket or boat

because somehow you manage

to stay afloat.

This is pure and enchanting magic

because under the waves is

something tragic.

A chain that tugs and pulls 




to the ocean floor.

Therein the cold

lies even more.

An anchor.

An anchor in which the chain 


to reunite with you.

This prison holds you captive everytime

the lights go out.

Nowhere to go, 

or scream,

or shout,

but lie

in the deathly silence.

Your mind is the anchor, 

but also the key, 

the key that releases 

a restless unease.


Sometimes the two are a stormy grey,

an icy hurricane of 

love and pain.

The cracks in the ice 

will lead to a break. 

The waves will come crashing

on everything you once believed.

And test your limits

how much can you take.

The erosion of land 

and decisions to make,

yield the captivating

smirk and grin.

When the confidence soars,

heads will turn,

to see the driving hurricane burn.

Turn one

turn all.

to witness the raging blue,

caressed by a snowfall.

Gentle flakes adorn the cold,

divine to all,

young and old. 

Whether a flash flood or

overhead clouds,

the effect is unreal,

violent and loud. 


Like a summer sky on a winter's day,

a ray of light peeks through the grey

The clouds will part 

and the sunshine

will encompass the earth.

And in that moment,

Have no worries,

the two who stare back

tell the most truth,

in all that you feel 

and in all that you


The clouds will be puffy and a crisp white,

the sun will be warm on our faces,

and contentment will reach a new height. 

Apples and leaves of the autumn air,

will invigorate the breath 

that is always shared.

The turquoise matches the sky above,

and in the air will be

a single dove.

The white flag of war will 

ignite the end,

the surrender to peace 


you and me.


I want to get lost in 

your eyes.

The layers of the sea 


the chasm of fire.

Licking flames on the

deadly cusp,

amongst the blue.

So powerful, 


for only two.

The blue so deep,

deepest of all,

'Tis the kind,

an innocent love could drown in.




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