Ode To A Woman

Ode to a woman


Dear Woman,


You are sad but you are beautiful

All the tears you shed


Every single last one

Out of love

But never running out of love

Always feeling so alone 

But loving to be around a crowd

Hating attention

But always longing for it


You are angry

All the madness you feel

Yet, you are always happy

Every bit of laughter

To mask all the mad

Never running out of laughter

Always so angry

Why cant you get over it

You wonder that every day

But you do not like when others say it

Almost as if that terrible voice in your head came to life

It is never silenced 

Even if you do drugs

Even if you drink into darkness

Even when you sleep


You do not know how to give up on the ones you love

Even when they are the root of all your pain

Is it because you do not want to be alone

Is it because you understand them more than they understand themselves

I will never know

Why you cannot let go

All the pain you think is weakness truly shows your strength

Why can they not understand you

Why do you care if they do

Is it because you do

They are not like you

You are so special

So beautiful

So outspoken

Why can you not let it go

Is it because you are dying to be understood by the ones that you make feel so alive

They are killing you

Your light is too bright to ever go out

But you are getting dim

The candle of your love is growing short

Your wick is almost out

A candle and wick can be replaced

But you are not replaceable like a candle is

Your scent cannot be recreated 

You cannot be bought 

You cannot be molded and melted into a jar

But you are gentle

Why do you want to be different than you were made

Is it because this world keeps blowing your flame out

Is it because the reflection i stare before me 

Is me



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