An Ode To PIzza

A pizza poem

Half past midnight and I'm writing a pizza poem

And a "funny one" at that

This Isn't where I saw my night heading


An Ode to pizza

My greasy friend

I wish you were in my stomach again

I have pizza now

I've had it as a tot

I can't think of an age where I have had it not


Pizza is breakfast

Pizza is dinner

Pizza won't cheat on you

so pizza's a winner


You've been here for me when sad

You've been there for me at parties

I don't reccomend mixing you

with a bottle of bacardi


You were at my graduation

I ate you as a walker

I've seen you quite a bit

I hope you're not a stalker


I like you with garlic knots

I like you with cheesy bread

But outside of Jersey and York you're sorta meh

so don't let it get to your head


I like you in rolls

I like you in bites

I like you on winter mornings

and fun summer nights 


So here's to pizza 

I'd make puns but that's cheesy

and that card for $25 

would make going out easy




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