Ode to Myself

You don’t know this now, but you’re in the middle of a hurricane called life.
You don’t know this, but you're not who you are, you’re who you think you should be-
nothing but a stereotype and a false image printed in your head.
You don’t know this, but you’re being forced into things you know you don’t like.
Trust me, I know you don’t want to play t-ball- you want to go on an adventure.
You don’t want to go to Boy Scouts, you want to paint your nails.
You don’t want to wrestle on the trampoline, you want to sit inside and gossip.
Please keep pushing. All of that changes. It gets better. I promise, kid.
Soon you’ll wake up everyday with a smile
You’ll have a two jobs you don’t mind spending 30+ hours a week at.
You’ll be apart of musicals, which I know you’ve always secretly had a passion for.
You’ll finally realize you don’t want girlfriends, you’ll want girl friends, (yes, with a space between girl and friend) and you’ll have plenty.
You’ll finally be performing in front of thousands of people with people streaming all over the world. You'll be living your dreams.
You’ll finally be free of the cage you were once placed in, the one you made bar by bar.
But you have to get out of there yourself
You have to accept yourself
You have to let it out
You have to cry, a lot
You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone
You have to be willing to stand up, willing to ignore all of the things they say
You have to not give a single fuck because Lord knows they don't
You have to accept all of your mistakes and decisions as your own even if they weren’t.
You let it happen--until you didn’t
It seems impossible now, but it’s not
It takes a lot of courage and strength. You have it- We have it.
We both just need to keep our heads up through the storm, and keep pushing.
It all works out in the end.

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