Ode to My Lover

Thu, 04/11/2024 - 08:20 -- TOHLY84

Night rains and All I think about is you

Did you eat?

Did you sleep?

Did you do everything that you were planning on doing?

Are you listening to songs that you don't share with me?

All these questions in my mind and I will always wonder.

Will you still Love me when I'm not physically by your side?

I dred the day that I hope that will never happen.

To not being able to see that beautful smile that was made just for me.

I thank God for sending you to me.

My beloved, My home, My sunlight. 

What can I do without you by my side.

The person that  holds my heart without even knowing.

I'll Love you even after the end of Times.

My Lover.


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