An Ode to the Ephemeral

Thu, 07/02/2015 - 11:57 -- jlenh1

Herald the majesty of the minute,

The sweetness of the un-lasting second,

The not-gentle rage of the light once lit;

Look not and worry not of the quick end.

Let this be an ode to all that exist,

For all’s ephemeral, a short-timed bliss.


Behold the arrival of Dawn and Dusk:

Thy blazing brilliance lasts but moments,

Painting the skies as flowers exude musk,

Crimson clouds, passing birds thy monuments.

Thy fiery, divine beauty is no less

From thy mortal end that none can transgress.


Witness the birth and end of Day and Night:

Day, thy bright youthful radiance ablaze;

Night, thy serene grace bathed in the moonlight;

Both, thy luminance concluding dim will raze.

Foolish Gilgamesh thou will becometh

If thou evade thy end, which will cometh.


Gaze upon the Stars, Planets, Galaxies:

Thou art romanticized as immortals,

Singing, dancing carelessly, subtly,

Now as it did for Delphi’s Oracle.

Even immortals cease thy existence

As cosmic light dulls, and shadows commence.


Humans, oh humans, celebrate and sleep:

Eye thy end without remorse or regret,

Walk head high and from thy life do not weep;

Else thy handsome beauty be marred by fret.

All is as momentary as morning’s mist

For all’s ephemeral, a short-timed bliss.


Thoughts of existence strikes awe in my heart

Made sweeter by the end when all must part.

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