fate inevitable events happen

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Born into you, Cant escape you, There's no use running I cant even hide from you; Who convinces me that I'm not worthy, Who tells me I can't do anything, Who's love toward me
He whispers to the moon, Have you really seen it all? The wars and the terror and the art Seen the righteous killed and the sadists born
It seems my time has come. Never have I seen the moonlight with such eyes. The rays of pure white light strike me with eye opening edge. Magnificent. I watch the breeze play with the leaves.
Herald the majesty of the minute, The sweetness of the un-lasting second, The not-gentle rage of the light once lit; Look not and worry not of the quick end. Let this be an ode to all that exist,
As the sun sinks, Comes the moon rising. Sunset.   As day ends, Comes the night crawling out. Nightfall.   As the children sleep, Come the mice to whisper. Bedtime.  
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