Tue, 06/18/2013 - 16:36 -- Medea

Sometimes, I'll see my friends post beautiful pieces of poetry
The words flow so well
And everything rhymes
Without being obnoxious or obvious
Everything is deep and beautiful and it makes me think that
I’d like to write a poem, too
Then I remember something important
I’m no good with rhymes
But then I remember something else

Free verse

It doesn’t have to rhyme, you can say whatever you want
If you want to end one line with dancing sugar cubes
And the next with quickly running clouds
You can do that

Free verse

And it doesn’t have to rhyme

So then
I thought of what I could write about
And I wrote about all the things I love
I wrote about staring up at the sky when it’s snowing
About the way it feels like angel wings beating softly
Against your face

I liked that line
I thought it was very poetic
So I wrote some more

I wrote about the way the lake looks
On a sunny day when the sky
Is reflected on its surface
Like a mirror
Into another world

I wrote about that feeling you get
When you swing
So high
That you almost fall out of the seat
Like if you let go, you would keep flying
Forever and never
Have to come

But I wasn’t finished yet, so I wrote about
When you walk outside on one of those days
When the sun is shining and it’s warm and the breeze blows
Just enough
On days like that
Everything is so beautiful
That I have
To laugh with joy

And I wrote about the way the trees look
After a spring rain
And about that certain shade of red the sky turns
In the fall
When the sun sets
And about sitting in a forest and watching the rain

But then I thought that maybe I wasn’t being

So I wanted to write about
All the things
I hated

But nothing came to me

So I wrote about a princess instead
And I wrote about the smell of rain
And the feel of warm paper

And I wrote



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