The Ocean Never Worried About Her Weight


He said that I had a different type of beauty. 
He said that some girls were like the seashells that lined the shores of beaches,
while I was like the coral hidden deep underneath the water.
He said that some girls were the colorful flowers that sprouted from the ground,
while I was like the leaves that provided bugs shelter.
He said that some girls were 5 star restaurant dishes,
while I was a good home cooked meal,
full of comfort and nostalgia.

He looked so proud as he spoke,
as if he discovered something about me that had never been seen before.
And I turned to him when it was my time to speak
and I said:
fuck you.
I am not the sand or the shells,
I'm an entire goddamn ocean roaring in your ears.
I can take out a whole city with just one wave.
I said I am not a leaf or a single branch,
I am an entire jungle. 
You don't even know what secrets I am hiding. 
I said I am not food for you to chew and swallow.
I am the predator and you are the prey. 

He said that I'm a different type of beautiful,
one that's harder to see. 
And I just laughed in his face and said that his opinion meant nothing to me.


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