Obsession (The City)

Contemplation isn't social refraining it's just overthinking things a bit. 

I walk into a city and for some reason i feel nothing but absolute and overwhelming belonging. I contemplate as i stare because i can. No one has to demand an explanation because everyone cares about others' provate matters as much as i do, which we know isn't much at all. 

My memories fall through my mouth as i breathe out raw wonder and i linger on every little detail because i'm undoubtedly awestruck. Lights slice their vibrancy across my eyelids as i soak in pure feeling. Cars travel across, filled with unknown ideas and relatable brains that i will never truly know about. My fingers play a piano piece that i don't remember memorizing but nonetheless they swim through the air, wonderstruck and i don't give a fuck about the noise because i crave it.

The melody of jumbled conversation harmonizes with the reverberation from my chest yet at best, i'm half awake for all of this. Why would i sleep when there's so much everything. So much to leave me speechless and grinning. So much to leave me writhing painfully and sobbing violently. 

I wish that i was standing and staring at a glowing highway, soft breezes brushing my skin but i'll have to wait for more of the breathtaking sensation. I'll have to wait and hope desperately. 

Maybe i'm in love with the city skyline, but i don't know what love feels like. If it's anything like the rush of the urban atmosphere, then i'll wait years to be in its possession. 

The epitome of terrifying and mindless obsession. 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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