Thu, 03/01/2018 - 13:26 -- ebrooke



my dwindling eating habits started in an

effort to punish myself,

hurt myself.

the meals dropped and dropped;

three meals a day, two, one.

an apple.

an orange.

a granola bar.


glasses of water kept me full.


now, it’s turned into obsession.

i don’t deserve to eat,

so i don’t.


but now,

oh but now,

i’ve become obsessed.

the numbers drop.




all in one week.


ribs print bumps on my skin,

the skin too large on my body.

too much skin.


eating isn’t enough now.

i need to be thinner, smaller.

more fit.

working out. exercising.

countless push-ups and sit-ups,

running and sprinting,

jumping jacks and planks.



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