ny state of mind


United States
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growing up in the city that never sleeps
boroughs that's full of villains and creeps
mentalities that one feels is plague with aberrations
mind so corruptly smother with lies, misleads, and stupidities, there is no room for any aspirations
everyday life seems normative when one belittles someone with no hesitation
your brain is slowly diminishing with greater limitation
ignorance surrounds the mind with evil thoughts that temptations raises a greater inclination

i wear my Yankee cap over my eyes
so people don't see what i see
i observe people verbally assault one another in which i fly away swifter than a killer bee
a person's rhyme and reason is far more outrageous than a drag queen wearing heels
maybe its fear. maybe its anger. maybe its sad. i can understand how one feels
the essence of the mind is very vulnerable like emotions
takes a special person to intensify the power of the mind with devotions

the state of mind in new york is full of panic
behavior of many is far lower than the devil that's demonic
events that impact lives is tragically sad
that people think it's cool to act bad
what does it do to the mind?
it creates the mental breakdown more reckless than the indy 500
so i'll say this and keep it 100
the power of the mind is endless when ones uses it
if one doesn't use it, the power of the mind is mindless like a mime standing on 42nd street

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