Nursery Rhymes Of Unrequited Love

Scientists claim you can hear even before you're born
That someone can talk to a cotton covered beating heart 
And your ears will memorize the sounds before you know what a sound is
They also claim that this builds a level of love
Bonding on a deeper level
But what I've been trying to explain to them 
Is that soul mates must be found whispering in the nursery after everyone has left
Because the only explanation for hearing a voice 
And finally feeling at home
Is that their voice 
Is what took you home in the first place
The smile filled window panes in a hospital room
Thousands of miles away
Were built with the voice of someone still crying out for you
Sixteen years later
When you are unable to love them back
And although the screams 
Will never be enough to fill the memories of someone else
Please remember to cherish the way you trust them
And love them
And have bonded with them
In the least scientifically explainable way possible 

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