I open up the Groupme app
Waiting for the destination that awaits me
10-15 people ready to engage in the event of their life: “Never Have I Ever”

“Never have I ever”, hissed the guy in control of the group
“Never have I ever had a threesome”
“Never Have I ever had car sex”
“Never have I ever had a pregnancy scare”

The numbers slipped down from 10 to 1 quickly
I wasn’t judging them I mean their lives were more eventful than mine
Their numbers with Asterisks we’re like gambling numbers at a Casino
They were like Las Vegas with shiny lights, Bright with opportunity
The numbers ticking down represented living In the moment
Fear and prosperity
Hope and not caring for judgment

But there’s me
With my 10, stagnant like a dead zone river
Lacking an oxygen zone
The fish are dead and all the greenhouse Gases swooped into the water

I’m the reason why hurricanes begin
I mean I start out okay, seeming cool
At least in a manner that I think is alright, but
Suddenly I realize that I’m out of control
The waves are going in a circle and you
Already see the eye
All of these requirements are already there
And they hold me, but I push back
Releasing all of my energy
With no care and being labeled as boring
I lose the energy, only to circle back out towards the sea


This poem is about: 
Our world


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