Isn't t funny how numbers run our entire livesThat we prefer quality over quantityBut yet we are so pressed over quantityThat the numbers in our banks accounts define our wealthAnd the number of people you have in your family Will determine your help And the numbers on the scale Will show your pounds And it's seems like time is endless but we are forced to remember history datesAnd dates that are marked most important Like our birthday or expiration dates That because she is 50 she supposed to carry a certain image That when she don't have wrinklesShe looks good for her age A girl is characterized as a hoeWhen she has too many bodiesBut a man is experienced when he has sex with "thotties" And when we go to the store and look at price tagsWe determine whether or not we have enough money Our life is portrayed by numbers Our time is count down by a timerBut we want quality over quantity But yet our life run by numbers Ridiculous           

This poem is about: 
Our world


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