Not feeling a thing, something has left my mind. I don't have emotion... or maybe I do and It's just rage and hate! I can't stand anybody,,, you tell me you hate me but I don't care. You can't see me so I smile at your "kind words". You sense the way I feel and tell me how I don't care about you,, and that's fine because maybe I don't. Maybe I just want to get rid of you... 

But then you say you'll leave and then my humanity comes back...I feel a string pulling my low dark eyes open... My low raspy voice brightens but not with joy, more like with curiosity

Leave Me?!?! Why?!? haven't I been there???

But after thinking it over it makes sense... You don't just want someone to motivate you and change your life... you want a life long partner..

My feelings then go away again and I start to understand... I don't really love you, I love your fascination with me...


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. 

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