Dear..... ?

Wait, to whom this may concern because the last words we exchanged was a person I was never introduced to. 
I was doing me, & you were busy doing you too.
Until you doubled back around my lane and I was doing the same things trying to maintain the grain that we were used to. Apparently  that didn't work for u. There's no question I hate the fact that I hurt you. I thought in my mind it was something we could work through, but I guess you couldn't get over the pain that I caused. Which is understandable you don't accept things the same as you eternally evolve. I let u go in my heart as you replayed in my brain. You told me I was stuck in my ways, but I thought u liked me for who I was or maybe for that was just a phase the whole relationship was like a maze. Love came and gone as I was still tryna figure you out. We both had doubts. 
When I met you.
You were still in love with her.
Whether it was in and out.
I only wanted to be your super hero.
Put on a cape 
I always thought you was a person I couldn't replace.
Every chance you get, you'd escape.
I had to beg my heart to let u go, and when I tried my mind would intervene.
It seemed like the more I opened up about the real me, the more reason it gave you to give up on me.
Rejection is my biggest enemy 
We live and we learn apologies ain't the best but its a sign of simple respect 
I'm sorry for the lies I told.. the hurt I caused.. and my part of the collapse ..
But tbh I wish you would have never came back.
My face would light up just to see u or when ever we'd interact 
I'd go broke in a day just to see a smile on your face then go get it back 
I'd travel the globe just to take you out ..
But for me you wouldn't do anything at all.
I had to figure that out.
This letter will never get to you and that's how I'll keep it.
Hope one day you'll understand when someone says they care.. 
they really mean it..


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