Now You're a Nightmare at Best

I use to love dreaming about you
Because it was the one moment I could see you again
So vividly I could feel the butterflys, so realistically your embrace would engulf me
Dreams about our forever, how we could be
Dance through my head and for that moment just a dream makes everything alright
Everyday I would joyfully anticipate the moment I could close my eyes
Because In my dreams we were perfect
Because you loved me
I never wanted to wake up

But now you're a nightmare at best

I just want to stay awake
Because you say you don't want me
Because not even in my dreams are we perfect anymore
Everynight I fear the moment I have to close my eyes
They scream in my head and make sure I remember that everything is not alright
Nightmares about the what never will be
So vividly my stomach churns, so realistically my heartbreak destroys me
Because in that one moment I can't avoid you
Now I hate dreaming about you

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