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My favorite color is black
because black is dark
like my brother’s skin
dark like shadow
a mystery
a Sudoku puzzle
only light knows how to solve.
The last person I spoke too
their name was nigga’
and that nigga was nobody
nobody looking for a name
he couldn’t afford
And that nigga sold his name
for a pair of Jordans
a slave to a losing game
forgetting his daddy was a nigga
that fought for every slave to give them a name.

I rarely listen to Christopher Wallace
and my brother smokes too often always losing his wallet.
Even though often I stage dive into a mosh pit love
I know when to pull up the weed
I am a rose that grew from concrete.
My daddy wasn’t’ around but every part
of him is thorn on my stem.
You ever tried to rush and pick a rose from it’s bush?
ain’t no(body) nigga gonna kiss me without getting pricked.
so my body is slim and all my T-shirts hide my hips
I never been eye candy for boys like bitches and whips.
It’s too many girls shaking they ass and swearing they got class
too many boys doing anything to get a bundle of cash
misusing love for sex and walking around with a heart so vexed.
I guess that’s just the way it is
I ain’t bragging but I never been like this
who told you, you gotta be like this?
You gotta’ learn to hold ya own
you ain’t’ gotta have a iPhone.
Telephones are for talking
why is ya phone worth more than what ya tellin’?

We gotta make a change
it’s time for us to love our black
to start teaching girls to hold it all back
let us change what we believe
let us change what we breathe (in)
and lets change the way we see each other
you see the old way isn’’t working so it’s on us
to do what we gotta do to love
because we need love to survive


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