Now I am Strong

Fri, 05/17/2013 - 17:47 -- Shy-Shi


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My hopes and dreams have been talked down to,
For the past 10 years of my life.
By my family?
No, never them.
By my teachers?
Not even close.
It was my friends that bothered me.
They had grown up and had changed.
They were once innocent little chicks,
Following their Mama around.
And now they are hawks,
Preying on the weak and insecure.
Vicious is a word I use to describe them.
I loved to wear sweatpants.
They'd laugh.
Called me gay.
I'd befriend the "weird students".
They'd crack up.
Picked on us all.
My mom is albino.
They'd be cruel.
Said I was adopted.
There's so much I wish I had said.
So much I wish I had done.
I would've stood up for myself.
And told them to leave.
But I didn't.
I let wave after wave of hysteria wash over me.
With the tyrannical words they'd use,
They might as well have been savages,
Lashing at a poor defenseless sow.
And I,
Was that sow.
They'd lash out with ferocious intent.
They had the will to kill.
I soon started to believe them.
You ARE worthless.
You ARE ugly.
You ARE unimportant.
You ARE a gutless pig.
I didn't know then,
What I know now.
I have learned to stand up for myself.
Learned to call,
Enough is enough.
No more pain.
No more worry.
No more sorrow.
Well...I face my fears.
Confront my inner demons.
Ignore the incompetent.
For now?
Now, I am strong.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

strong is short-term
strength is long-term
your endure bully by standing up to what you believe as you pointed out in your poem
you are a superstar-neve let anyone take it form you
keep writing


Thank you, I appreciate your comment. Writing is one of the greatest outlets for any emotion and I just take on whatever comes my way with a pen and paper in hand. Once again, thank you and God bless.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

God bless you


Keep it up.  The only opinion that matters in the end is your own.  Though personally, I'd say you are pretty cool.  And I hope you agree.


Thanks alot. I do agree with you and you are 100% right that our opinion is the only one that counts in the end. Sometimes it takes a while to understand, but once we do, our eyes are opened up to a new light. Thanks again :D


I think I'm like you--

Never in style, befriending those who had no one--

Except for this:

I never bothered to care what they thought.

There was much more than that they could have talked about.

But I never knew,

And I never cared to know.

Of course, I could have guessed.

I heard about it from those like me.

But I guess I neglegted my duties

As a victim.

I never faced up to it,

Never gave it any thought.

I think you're stronger than me.

A better person.

Because you took one chance

And you stood up for those like you.

They say I am strong, my friends to.

But really I just don't listen.

I refuse to be changed for the worse

By them.

They say I am strong

To do what I do

But really you deserve it.

I give it to you.


You are strong.

You are strong!


I enjoyed your poem and I liked how you turned your experience into one.  A lot of people can relate to this.


I've been there before, I've endured the pain these people set upon me. It took me awhile to find my voice and use it. I don't attack them like they have attacked me with words. I stand up only using words of wisdom and religion. Not letting them attack me anymore. 


That was beautiful! Stay strong love!


Beautiful work! And stay strong, keep your chin up. You are far better than they could ever be.


I love this.

Jan Wienen

Often peoples opinions are like their armpits ... just keep the faith ...


I really liked your poem; well done!

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