Starting now,

She shifts in disconsolate fear.

Days passing one after another,

It seemed time encumbered her thoughts.

Faces tell her she is alone.

She forgets faces.


Years now,

She becomes impassive to the world surrounding.

She notices the others,

Collating what makes them so bad.

They foment a storm of chaos,

She cannot handle any more chaos.


Looking back now,

She yearns to return what they gave.

Although she wavers,

Sooner or later she will succumb to the inevitable.

Yes, she can see it now.

Her thoughts seeming clear,

She feeds her desire.


Acting now,

She hunts, waits,

Seeking to inflict.

No longer is she alone,

No longer is she afraid.


Finished now,

The voices that previously buttressed her,

Seemed to have faded with the wind.


Alone now,

The flame insider her has dimmed low.


Scared now,

She does not seem so revengeful,





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