So fortunate we are

To have the news at our fingertips

At every moment.

Each event in the world

Is broadcast in seconds,

The good and the bad,

But mostly the bad.


The decline of newspapers

Reminds us of adults

Eschewing papers for the internet

As well as their kids.

Whose fault is it that we’ll never know a Sunday Paper

Or scan the classifieds for our first job?


Massacres on the news

Should remind people

To tell their loved ones how much they’re loved at night,

But instead,

It’s “The world’s going to shit”

And an agreeing grunt.


Social media has news too,

Of a different sort.

Prayers for those

Involved in a recent shooting

Adorn pages

Next to “fireman Saves Cat”

And “Kim K’s New Look.”


People start to ignore news updates,

Check sites once a day or less,

Because they don’t want to know.

People read the bad,

But they don’t want to know, truly.

So we end with so much bad news

That positive news is in its own folder.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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