Before... I was a humble slave

Bowing before your wishes.

I attempted to craft myself to your pleasing

But it never lasted.


So, the time came for revolution

My mind became my own.

And in this solemn declaration

I want the world to know.


From now on, I fight for myself!

The world has lost its hold on me.

I look out for me alone,

Everything else has come to nothing.


I will not allow myself to fall into the trap society has laid for me.

The mold was cracked by my birth

And will shatter at my death.


I will fight for myself.

I will stare down the monster of expectation,

I have evolved from your vulgar ways.

I have crafted a new life for myself far from your petty gaze.


I fought for myself

In the dark halls of the night,

And the glowing screen filled with the chains of your words.

They held me once, but never again.


I dreamt of freedom, so I fight for mine.


You can’t stop me,

I am already halfway there,

The cloth of society is being ripped in half by my battles

Cutting through expectation and crashing through all limits!


I am new and I shine as bright as a star in the sky.

An unattainable, unimaginable creature.

I grew into my right to be new.


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