Nothing More

All I need is an oxymoron 

a word I can't even speak 

can't describe  

a fallacy in language  

feather's edge 

tip of the tongue  


I need your arms to encircle me

but I don't want the drama  

and fights that will get me there.    


 I don't  need rings or jewels 

you can keep your treasure trove 

I need a heart of gold  

so when I look into your eyes  

I'll see the sunrise reflecting from inside 

making me long for another hundred tomorrows  

as long as those are the eyes  

that will rise with me every morning. 


I need to know you will love me still 

when I am not pretty 

not nice 

not lovable  

not worth it. 

I need a love that is not someone elses  

all mine and yours

a complex simplicity. 


I need you to be my standing rock 

my gail in the doldrums  

a shining star  

that I won't just cross  

but sticks around for the long haul 

and if we fall, 

we fall as one streak of light, 

a beautiful disaster.


I need you to be my willow tree

by the muddy creek banks 

and the briar bushes  

stand tall by my side   

through all my life 

yet still be able  

to bend in the storm

we both know will come eventually. 


Playing in your branches  

I would build a world within your arms   

and give you all the sun  

my soul possesses  

in a vain attempt  

to always keep you reaching down towards me, 

not the sky.  


I need that kind of love. 

the kind where girl likes boy  

boy likes girl  

and like loses some letters  

and gains more meaning.  

I want that. I need that.  


But I have to grow up  

have to let go  

get hurt  

a lot. 

so when I'm  

gnarled and gray  

I can tell the truth  

the day I die  

and finally speak the words held inside. 

All you need is..... 

and heave my final breathe

and say all of this within a single sigh. 



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