Nothing to Feel, So Lonely

Thu, 07/17/2014 - 02:02 -- Foxy


I feel it.

It’s not quite a breeze.

It’s a wind so frozen and so thin.


I feel it.

Something that does more than just nip

A wintry needle that pricks toes up toward my chin


I hear it.

An empty creaking

The whine of a constant open door


I hear it.

A slow deep echo

The dripping of ice hitting the floor


I smell it.

No stench anywhere near

It’s fragrant like a garden or soft grass


I smell it.

Yet it’s earthy and warm

And lingering while I walk and pass


I taste it.

It’s just as it feels

The simple oats and vanilla mellow


I taste it.

But it’s not creamy or hard

It’s metallic, but gushes in a flow


I see it.


I see it.

It’s as black as the sky is infinite

The dark is so clear and so empty.


I see it.

It stretches from plain to plain

It’s a dim flicker the sits around me.


I feel the cold for no warmth can be found

I hear the repeat of my own heartbeat

I taste nothing but pain and sorrow

I see a small light and I hope for tomorrow

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After years of bullying, I want people to know that I know how it feels to feel alone--to feel like no one is there. It's cold, but understandable.

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