Nothing Else to Say

Sat, 04/09/2016 - 11:31 -- jics

I've reached the point where there's nothing else to say

I've written every poem and song

thought every deep thought that transcends

the common state of mind.

over analyzed and dissected every action and memory

and there's nothing else to say.

or at least nothing of consequence.

Except this:

Now's not the time for thinking, or doing.

its the time for being.

Just be whatever you are.

No second guessing.

No trying to confirm who you are, even to yourself

with witty poems and banter

With extreme gestures to show your undying allegiance to causes

that you only halfway believe in.

We're dying to stand for something

to fight for something

to revolutionize.

Stand for yourself

fight for yourself

revolutionize your own way of thinking

to where you can stand to sit in a room and just be.

Most of us cant do that.

with no TV., no music, no iPod, MySpace, Facebook, magazine

friends, weed, alcohol, cigarette.....

And by all means, don't take this as me being judgmental

I have my vices as we all do.

I don't even know if i can do that,

Just be.

But i swear to god we're not getting anywhere.

we're running in circles, excited about going nowhere

all the while thinking we're moving mountains

welcoming change.

All we're doing is created a new type of bondage

and 70 years from now

they'll have to be liberated from a new racism

fighting new wars for new causes

running in circles

the same damn circles with new names.

because of all the little things

when if you as an individual

could just accept the things you cannot change

and be everything that you are in your entirety,

in all your creativity,

all your beauty,

all your mistakes,

all your imperfections,

this world would be such a better place.

that's not to say that we shouldn't strive to make ourselves better.

but you're not on the path to real change, unless

you've accepted and embraced where you are now.

then and only then can we realize that

every cause, every war, every topic of debate

starts within us.

I would love to change the world.

but i do.

we all do.

with every step we take

every person we meet

every door held open

every thank you and you're welcome.

however, we get so lost in trying to change the world

in trying to help Haiti,

adopt children from Cambodia

rescue Shenequa from the hood

that we don't see that the point is:

help yourself.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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